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Gathering at Novusilicon, Setting Sail for Dream

July 2023 is the day for the third quarter training for new employees of Novusilicon and the pairing ceremony for the 23rd graduates. During the training, the human resources department planned several small games to help everyone break the ice and quickly get to know each other. At the same time, the administrative department has prepared exquisite desserts for everyone to enjoy. The Human Resources Department introduced Novusilicon's various systems to everyone during the training, providing answers and clarification for new employees. Finally, Novusilicon held a mentor apprentice pairing ceremony for the 23rd cohort of fresh graduates, helping all new employees to maintain their original aspirations and stick to their original aspirations in their future work.

There is nothing difficult in the world as long as you are willing to overcome it

November 2023 is the third anniversary of the establishment of Novusilicon. The Human Resources and Administration Department of the company organized all employees to go to Moganshan, Zhejiang. All employees of Novusilicon have crossed the boundaries of the city and arrived at a completely unfamiliar place. Under the guidance of the team coach, everyone challenges themselves and collaborates with the team. In the end, all employees completed the mountain climbing, not only exercising their bodies, but also making them realize that only unity, cooperation, and effective communication are the key to ultimate success.

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